Episode: 1.02 “The Thing You Love Most”

Episode: 1.02 “The Thing You Love Most”

(Apologies that this was so wordy – I’d forgotten so much happened in this ep!!)


  • Regina bringing Emma a basket of apples = brilliant! I love the parallel with the traditional story of the Evil Queen bringing Snow White a poison apple.
  • Lana Parilla totally rocking the Evil Queen this episode!!
  • The introduction of Maleficent! Out of all the Disney/fairytale baddies, she is one of my faves!
  • The scene where Emma takes a chainsaw to Regina’s beloved apple tree = WIN!!
  • The reveal of the connection between Mr Gold and Regina.


  • Emma being framed by Regina (stealing Dr Hopper’s files on Henry). REALLY, Mayor? *rolls eyes* Where’s the originality?
  • No Snow and Charming. *pout*

The episode:

  • Love that Maleficent tells the Evil Queen that there are some lines that even THEY shouldn’t cross and that all power comes with a price. Says something about the curse if she says something like that!
  • The gnome that laughs at the Evil Queen’s first attempt at the curse (and is then turned into stone by the Evil Queen) reappears as a statue in Regina’s garden. Nice little segue from the fairytale world to Storybrooke.
  • “The Mirror strikes again!” I love the play on words and names here. Sydney Glass is the editor of the Storybrooke Daily Mirror, Storybrooke’s newspaper. Of course, Sydney’s fairytale self is – ta da! – the Mirror (as in Mirror, Mirror, on the wall…). Both fairytale and Storybrooke characters ‘report’ to Regina/the Evil Queen, natch.
  • LOL @ Ruby, saying that Emma has an admirer when she brings the cup of hot chocolate. Even more LOL @ Emma immediately thinking it was Sheriff Graham. Tee hee! Also, Henry – awwwww!
  • …and Operation: Cobra is born! :D
  • Emma’s knee-hight lace-up boots are HOT.
  • Interesting. I must have somehow muddled it in my brain. According to what Henry is telling Emma in this episode, Regina doesn’t know WHO Emma is (i.e. the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming). Henry ripped out the pages of the book mentioning Emma so Regina couldn’t read them.
  • Emma: *goes to bite into the apple from Regina*
    Henry: Hey! Where’d you get that?!
    Emma: From your mom.
    Henry:  Don’t eat that! *grabs the apple and tosses it over his shoulder*
    Emma: o_O
  • It was a nice moment when Mary Margaret (and Henry) come to bail Emma out of jail and Mary Margaret says she trusts Emma. Good follow up later in the ep when Emma asks why Mary Margaret trusts her – “It’s strange. Ever since you arrived here I’ve had the oddest feeling we’ve met before.”
  • The conversation between the Evil Queen and Rumplestiltskin (when Rumplestiltskin is locked up) takes place AFTER the visit that Snow and Charming paid him in the first episode. I feel like I need to be drawing up a timeline between fairytale land and Storybrooke. LOL (Seriously, though. Watch this space. I will hopefully get around to that before the end of the Christmas-New Year hols!)
  • There’s some good information that we’re given during the convo between the Evil Queen and Rumplestiltskin, particularly in relation to the Dark Curse.
    • It’s the curse to end all curses.
    • Nothing can stop ‘the darkness’… except the unborn child of Snow and Charming. The child is the key.
    • No matter how powerful, all curses can be broken.
    • Great power requires great sacrifice. The heart required to cast the curse must be from the thing she loves most.
  • One of my favourite threads in this ep is with Rumplestiltskin, making his bargain with the Evil Queen about ‘the new land’, wanting comfort and a good life… and for the Evil Queen to heed his every request as long as he says “please”. Then at the end of the ep, Mr Gold following through with his “please” to Regina. AWESOME. Interesting also that while Rumplestiltskin was making this bargain with the Evil Queen, she was under the impression that (if she succeeded) he would have no memory of any of their conversation. Obviously not the case…
  • Fantastic scene between the Evil Queen and her father. I remember watching this ep the first time and NOT expecting that ‘the manservant’ would be her father. His pleas, asking her to move on (more for herself than for his sake), are heartbreaking. Especially considering she ends up killing him. *sigh* I’d like to see an AU of this ep where she decided NOT to kill her father, how things would have been different.
  • Cute little bit of ‘familial linkage’ with Henry, Emma and Mary Margaret all liking cinnamon on their hot chocolate. It’s the little things like that which make me love this show.
  • Awwwwwwwwwww! Hug between Henry and Emma. They’re so cute. ♥
  • Great reveal of the headstone of the Evil Queen’s father – HENRY.
  • Aaaand the final scene between Mr Gold and Regina. Some GREAT stuff here. I’m just gonna type up the conversation because it’s THAT good. :D

Mr Gold: Perhaps you should have come to me. If Ms Swan is a problem you can’t fix, I’m only to happy to help. For a price, of course.
Regina: I’m not in the business of making deals with you anymore.
Mr Gold: To which deal are you referring?
Regina:You know what deal.
Mr Gold: Alright, yeah. The boy I procured for you. Henry. Did I ever tell you what a lovely name that was? However did you pick it?
Regina: Did you want her to come to town? You wanted all this to happen, didn’t you? Your finding Henry wasn’t an accident, was it?
Mr Gold: Whatever do you mean?
Regina: Where did you get him? *Mr Gold smiles* Do you know something?
Mr Gold: I have no idea what you’re implying.
Regina: I think you do. Who is this woman, his mother, this… Emma Swan?
Mr Gold: I would say you think you know exactly who she is. *they look at each other* Now, I really must be going.
Regina: Tell me what you know about her.
Mr Gold: I’m not going to answer you, dear. So I suggest you excuse me. *he looks at her for a beat, knowingly* Please.

(AND SHE JUST LETS HIM GO! Gives me chills!!)

Things we learn:

  • The Evil Queen was the same age as Snow White when the Queen was to be married… before Snow White “ruined it all”.
  • Maleficent was the same age (as above) when Sleeping Beauty got the better of her.
  • Maleficent traded her sleeping curse for The Dark Curse (previously belonging to the Evil Queen).
  • Emma spent a lot of time in foster homes as a child.
  • Emma got into some trouble “when she was a kid” but, according to Sydney, the details are locked up pretty tight.
  • Henry was born in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • The Evil Queen got the Dark Curse from Rumplestiltskin. It is considered ‘the curse to end all curses’.
  • What the Evil Queen ‘loved most’ “died because of Snow White”.
  • Regina ‘made’ Graham Sheriff.
  • Mr Gold ‘procured’ Henry for Regina, possibly alluding that Mr Gold knows exactly who Emma and Henry are and what that means for the curse?

Rating: 7 / 10

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