Episode: 1.03 “Snow Falls”

Episode: 1.03 “Snow Falls”


  • Snow White and Prince Charming’s first interaction. GOLD!! She’s a thief and then she clocks him with a rock when he captures her, allowing her time to escape. Absolutely better than anything I could have expected! :D
  • The conversation between Charming and Snow while she’s hanging in the net/trap. I LOVE THEM!! In fact, here, have a YouTube clip of that scene. I love her snarky “Good luck with that. You must be getting something impressive to have agreed to that union.” :lol:
  • Josh Dallas being ridiculously gorgeous. ALWAYS a like.
  • LOVE the music in this episode. Particularly that rousing theme used when Charming is saving Snow’s life from the Queen’s guards.


  • Princess Abigail. Obviously meant to be the rival for Charming’s affections but she’s just so… UGH. Spoiled and generally leaves a bad taste (so to speak). I’m hoping we don’t see much of her in the series.

The episode:

  • Dr Whale, could you BE more obvious in ogling Ruby’s arse? Poor Mary Margaret. :( AND he didn’t even pay! I always laugh at Emma’s reaction (“Ew”) to that.
  • Henry is a genius having Mary Margaret read to John Doe. I remember the first time I watched this ep that I was all :O when John reaches out for Mary Margaret’s hand even though he’s still in a coma. Now it just leaves me with a big grin on my face. Feel a bit sorry for Mary Margaret though – how much would that freak you out! You’re reading to a coma patient and all of a sudden he puts his hand on yours.
  • How unsurprising that Dr Whale works for Regina. I get that he would call her if John’s condition changed – Regina was (supposedly) the one to find him and was listed as the emergency contact. What I don’t understand is why Dr Whale tried to convince Mary Margaret that nothing happened. Why would that have made a difference if she was aware of John’s condition changing? What’s the doctor’s motive for lying about something like that?
  • Also, Regina’s response when the doctor tells her the volunteer was Mary Margaret Blanchard… yeah. The series writers may not have come out (so far) and said explicitly that Regina remembers, but I think it’s fairly obvious by now that she does.
  • Josh Dallas, PLEASE stop licking your lips like that. It’s incredibly… distracting. *cough*
  • Grumpy/Leroy working at the hospital and I’m assuming that was Sleepy with him? Hee!
  • I will give Henry this – he is incredibly persistent when it comes to convincing others about the curse. Mind you, that may be what eventually wears them down (coupled with enough proof/coincidences). Good on him, though. He obviously feels something is very wrong and he’s not going to allow anyone to tell him different.
  • Good parallel with Snow and Charming being at the Troll Bridge in fairytale land and Mary Margaret finding John Doe at the old toll bridge.
  • Considering what we find out about ‘the ring’ in ep 1.06, it makes Charming’s reaction (to Snow putting the ring on) that much more interesting. Also, love that the same ring is seen at the end of the episode with Mary Margaret twisting the ring around her finger.
  • I wish there was a way to note all the little nuances and glances, like the look on Regina’s face when Henry says David was looking for ‘someone’. So much about this show is in the subtleties. Love it.
  • That final scene between Mary Margaret and David where they look at each other in the hospital… GAH! My heart! :crying:

Things we learn:

  • Regina was the one to find John Doe on the side of the road, years ago. He’s been in a coma ever since.
  • Snow White confirms that she was the one to ‘ruin’ the Evil Queen’s life.
  • When tracking John Doe through the woods, Sheriff Graham says “This is my world”, hinting at his fairytale world character.
  • Prince Charming’s name is James.
  • John Doe’s name is revealed to be David Nolan.
  • David had (supposedly) been calling out Kathryn’s name in his sleep. This was revealed on video security tapes.

Rating: 8.5 / 10

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