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I’d posted most of the following on tumblr about 5 weeks ago but rewatching 1.03 “Snow Falls” tonight made me think about a few things, especially having seen 1.06 “The Shepherd”.

It’s become apparent that most/all of the characters’ names in Storybrooke refers to something about their alter-ego in the fairytale world.

In 1.03 “Snow Falls” it was revealed that John Doe’s real name was actually David Nolan. How does this fit in with Prince Charming (James)?

According to Wiki Name (and other sites)¬†Nolan¬†is an old Irish / Gaelic name meaning “champion”, “noble”, or “proud”, among others.

I think those are fairly appropriate descriptions for a charming prince. :)

I’ll place this next bit behind a cut just in case – there’s a spoiler for 1.06 “The Shepherd”, for those who haven’t seen it yet. (If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?!)

What occurred to me tonight during the rewatch of 1.03 is that David and James both have their own meanings which now tie in with the storyline.

David - most well-known from the Bible, David was originally a shepherd but eventually became king. And which occupation did ‘Prince James’ previously hold?

James - of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of James is “he who supplants”, i.e. to take the place of another. That’s rather fitting considering HOW he becomes prince…

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  1. Oh seriously. And I just looked up the meaning of 'Abigail' (as in Princess Abigail, Prince James' intended):

    The name comes from the Hebrew name Avigail, meaning “father rejoice” or “father's joy”. Abigail was the wife of King David in the Hebrew Bible.

    There are DEFINITELY no coincidences…

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