Meta: Regina, Henry and Emma… and Mr Gold

Having rewatched episode 1.02, I’ve now been reminded of the part Mr Gold played in Henry’s adoption. Which makes my previous meta post about Regina, Henry and Emma kind of… irrelevant.

So things we know:

  • Henry was born in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Henry was adopted by Regina when he was 3 weeks old.
  • Mr Gold was the one who found Henry for Regina. (This alludes that Mr Gold knows exactly who Emma and Henry are… and what that means for the curse.)
  • At the end of episode 1.02, Regina realises there’s more than just a coincidence that her adopted son is Emma’s biological son, and that Mr Gold had a hand in it.
  • Also at the end of ep 1.02, Mr Gold tells Regina “you think you know exactly who she (Emma) is”, inferring that Regina remembers everything pre-curse including the part to be played by the child of Snow and Charming.

Mr Gold also appears to remember the backstory with the curse and who he ‘really’ is… so my question is WHAT IS HIS ANGLE?

In the fairytale world, Rumplestiltskin was locked up and obviously not enjoying that. In the real world, Mr Gold has ‘comfort’ (per Rumplestiltskin’s request of the Evil Queen). WHY would he risk that by bringing in a direct link (baby Henry) to the only person who could defeat the Evil Queen (ie Snow and Charming’s child, aka Emma)? Isn’t it in his best interest to keep things as they are in the real world?

I’m curious even moreso because in the first episode (when Snow and Charming go to visit Rumplestiltskin in his cell) he says “The infant is our only hope.” The ‘our’ is the bit that really intrigues me. That and his “Get the child to safety.” The Mr Gold / Rumplestiltskin character really confuses the heck out of me. I simply can’t decide whether he’s good or bad… or does he live to create mischief and mayhem?

One last question… Mr Gold appears to be the kind of person who has a lot of connections and knows a lot more than he needs to (or should know). Emma told Regina in episode 1.01 that Henry’s father doesn’t even know he exists.

Does Mr Gold know who Henry’s biological father is?

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2 Responses to “Meta: Regina, Henry and Emma… and Mr Gold

  1. You've addressed some really interesting details here. Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin is certainly the most mysterious character in the entire series. I don't like to speculate but I can't help playing with the puzzle pieces we got so far. As much as I enjoy Regina's delightful ferocity – there is so much more to Mr. Gold than meets the eye. He has, at least to some degree, control over everybody, even Emma after they've made a deal (in the hospital I think it was).

    [...] or does he live to create mischief and mayhem?
    That's my impression, but you're right – we can't be sure. He's just one huge enigma so far.

  2. I don't like to speculate but I can't help playing with the puzzle pieces we got so far.

    I can't help myself – I think speculating about this series is my new hobby. LOL There are so many different bits of information we've been given so far, I can't help but try to fit it all together. Hence the timeline, though that will only go so far!

    I agree that Mr Gold is definitely the most mysterious. I'm not a big fan of Rumplestiltskin as he seems like the con-man of the fairytale world but Mr Gold… you never know what he's going to do or WHY he's doing it.

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