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Spoiler: Casting scoop

TV|LINE: Once Upon a Time Casts Amy Acker as Love Interest for [Spoiler]!

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Meta: Regina, Henry and Emma

I was just having a think back over the first episode that I rewatched last night. In particular about Regina, Henry and Emma and their circumstances.

The first question is DOES Regina love Henry? She says she does. As I noted in last night’s blog post though, Emma’s lying-spidey-sense may have been going off when Regina confirmed her love for Henry. Of course, considering Regina is Mayor and Henry is a 10-year-old boy she can’t appear to be indifferent or uncaring… but does she actually love the boy? Henry seems to think that she doesn’t.

My second question is… how on Earth did Henry come to be with Regina??

Let’s assume for a moment that Regina definitely does remember everything about the fairytale world and who she really is. If that’s the case, she would know that Snow and Charming’s baby (Emma) was predicted to be the ‘saviour’ of the fairytale world. This would also explain her pretty full-on “get lost!” vibes to Emma about leaving Henry and Storybrooke alone or Regina would destroy her.

We also know that Regina adopted Henry when he was three weeks old. How’s the coinkydink that the baby of the one person who could ruin Regina/the Evil Queen’s plans is the baby Regina adopts?

Did she know Henry’s parentage? Or was that just a fluke?

And if she DID know… WHY would she have chosen to adopt him, the child of the person prophesied to bring about her downfall? Was it all rolled in with taking away the happy endings?

Of course, this show is by the LOST writers. If there’s one thing that show taught me…


Thoughts? Hit the comments below.

Episode: 1.01 “Pilot”

Episode: 1.01 “Pilot”


  • The casting. Cast are superb in their roles from the stunning Snow White to the deliciously evil Queen. And I’m happy to say that, while most kids of his age tend to annoy me in TV shows, I’m actually quite fond of Henry! (Kudos to Jared Gilmore for not making him obnoxious but kind of lovable instead!)
  • The cinematography is beautiful. Particularly that first scene with Prince Charming racing to find Snow White in time. So glad they’re filming this in Canada! :)
  • A kick-ass Snow White! I LOVE the fact that, on her own wedding day, she draws Prince Charming’s sword on the Evil Queen. ♥


  • Some of the special effects were a bit bleh but it’s a TV show on a TV show budget, not a blockbuster movie. I’m willing to overlook that as this is really the only fault I could find!

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