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Just a very quick note/update as I’m about to rush out the door (off to visit rellos for Christmas).

I’ve turned on the comments feature on the Timelines page so if you want to add anything or debate any items (respectfully of course), please do!¬†Alternatively, you can always drop me an email (listed on the Contacts page).

Obviously what I have on the timelines is just my own speculation and I welcome any point of views that may clear things up further. :) There are a lot of items I haven’t been able to include simply because we haven’t been given an actual time that the event happened (relative to others). When I get back from holidays, I’ll probably set up a ‘things we know have happened but no set time’ page. ;)

Also, a huge thanks to the F*ck Yes, Once Upon A Time tumblr for linking people to the Timelines.

I’ll be mostly internet-less while I’m away the next few days so there won’t be much in the way of updates but feel free to discuss any of the previous posts or the timelines.

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