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Discussion: Which character twist or storyline twist did you enjoy the most?

Here’s the second question in a series of posts that will keep going until Season 2 arrives in September!

Season 1 handed us plenty of twists, both for characters and in overall storylines, that we didn’t necessarily see coming.

Which character twists or storyline twists did you enjoy the most?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below! :)

News: Regina’s Feud With Rumpelstiltskin ‘Is Not Going to Be Pretty!’

TV|LINE: Once Upon a Time‘s Lana Parrilla: Regina’s Feud With Rumpelstiltskin ‘Is Not Going to Be Pretty!’

TV|Line has posted a new article including comments from Lana Parrilla about what fans might (might) be able to expect from season 2. Nothing concrete though. ;) The cast and crew love nothing more than to tease us, after all!

A couple of quotes are below the cut. What are YOUR thoughts on what season 2 will bring?

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Site News: Commenting

Great news! You no longer have to sign up to be a user to post comments – you can now log in using your account details from social network sites! :yesss:

You can ‘log in’ to comment using any of the following services:

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If you have any issues, please let me know by commenting here or dropping me an email: charmingstorybrooke[at]theoncomingstorm[dot]org.

Discussion: A look back at 1.03 “Snow Falls”

One of my FAVOURITE eps aired in Australia this week – “Snow Falls”! I have so much major love for this episode. :)

YAY! The introduction of Snow White! The biggest thing I loved about this episode initially (and love about the entire series) is that they made Snow pretty kick-ass. A Snow White on the run and a thief? Who thumps Prince Charming? Go, girl!

Abigail was such a spoilt brat at the beginning. LOL Funny the different take you have on a character when you have additional backstory! Obviously a lot of what we thought didn’t change until halfway through the season.

Dr Whale, you lech. Perving on Ruby while on a date with Mary Margaret. Yuck. (Or to second Emma’s later comment, “Ew.”)

Henry to Mary Margaret: “You SURE you don’t know him?” LOL Henry, you adorable child. And then to Emma: “I found your father – Prince Charming.” His proof being that John Doe and Prince Charming have a scar in the same place. I know some people find Henry annoying but I think he really is this charming little boy who is trying SO HARD to get other people to believe what he thinks is as plain as day.

Also, ridiculously perfect that MM be the one to read the story of Snow White and Prince Charming to the unconscious John Doe. That moment where he touches her hand while he’s still unconscious? Yeah, on my first viewing I remember my jaw dropping then jumping up and flailing. Not much has changed – no jaw dropping, but still plenty of flailing!

The first full exchange between Snow and Charming is BRILLIANT. Probably my favourite SCENE of the entire series. I was hooked on the series before this ep, but this exchange? Totally sealed the deal. The back-and-forth between the two of them is absolute perfection. :wub:

More ep talk under the cut – share your thoughts in the comments!

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Discussion: What are your favourite Season 1 episodes?

As it’s a long while yet until the hiatus is over :crying: , I thought I’d start posting questions for discussion. (Initially the questions will be season 1-based with some season 2 questions thrown in when we get closer to September.)

So, to start us off:

What was your favourite episode of Season 1?
(or rate your Top 5 eps of Season 1, if that’s easier)

Hit the comments to discuss your faves and why you love them! :)

(Please note, there may be spoilers in the comments if you haven’t seen all of season 1!)

News: OUAT in Top 10 Scripted TV Shows for 2011-2012!

Deadline: Full 2011-2012 TV Season Series Rankings

Deadline has released a list of rankings for all TV shows for the 2011-2012 season. Once Upon A Time placed 16th overall but was in the TOP 10 for scripted TV series! :w00t:

Congrats to the cast and crew on a great show! :clap:

Discussion: A look back at 1.02 “The Thing You Love Most”

So episode 2 aired in Australia this week. Er, got a bit chatty with stuff I noticed this time around… I have a feeling rewatching all the eps (now that I’ve seen the full season) will have this effect!

Interesting point I’d somehow forgotten – the Evil Queen (from here on in, ‘EQ’) got The Dark Curse from Maleficent after they’d traded for the sleeping curse, but EQ originally got it from Rumplestiltskin. Interesting also that Maleficent didn’t know WHO the Dark Curse came from. EQ says to Rumplestiltskin in a later scene: ”That curse you gave me.” So Rumplestiltskin GAVE the curse to EQ. I can’t imagine that EQ wouldn’t have had to give him something in return. After all, as they’re so fond of telling us, ‘all magic comes with a price’. So what was the price when she initially came into possession of the curse? How did EQ get it the first time? I don’t think it’s been mentioned, has it?

Rumplestiltskin makes it clear that the child of Charming and Snow is the key to breaking the curse, but EQ doesn’t know exactly WHO that unborn child is. Although, it could be said that EQ knows the child is female as Snow says (when the curse hits the castle) “She got away.”

Henry: “If she finds out who you are, it would be bad.” I’ll have to go back and find out when exactly WE find out that Regina finds out how important Emma is. Mind you, after that final scene with Mr Gold (more on that below), I think her spidey-sense was probably tingling. :lol:

Considering the outfit and hairstyle EQ has when she casts her father’s heart into the fire and starts the curse, I’m going to say that the curse hit everyone within a day or a few days at most. We saw in the pilot that she appeared to be ‘bringing the curse’ with her as she rode in her carriage toward Snow and Charming’s castle, and presumably they went from fairytale world straight to Storybrooke. Yet in this episode, she had time to have a headstone created for him, as she lays a flower at his grave… although, I suppose she could have done that with magic. Considering that she came back from Rumplestiltskin’s cell straight to her father and then killed him, she couldn’t have made the headstone ahead of time.

Mr Gold offered to take care of Regina’s ‘problem’ with Henry’s mother. But we know from the series that he wanted Emma to break the curse. That’s why Rumplestiltskin asked for the child’s name – so he’d know when it was time. Here’s an AU idea: What would have happened if Regina had taken Mr Gold up on his offer to get rid of ‘the problem’? Anyone wanna fic that? ;)

More spoiler-y talk (references to episodes later in the season) under the cut. Please post in the comments with your thoughts and opinions! :)

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Discussion: A look back at 1.01 “Pilot”

I’m taking the opportunity to rewatch the episodes as they air on the local network here. Just from the pilot, there are a couple of things I noted that made me go “Hmmmm…”.

  • Just after Emma crashes her bug, we see the pages of the book flip open and it shows an image of the Caterpillar from the episode “Hat Trick” .
  • After Regina says goodbye to Emma (supposedly for the last time), she comes down the stairs and stands in front of her mirror with The Book. You can clearly tell now that she’s panicking – her secret is on the verge of being revealed.

There were a couple of other things that sounded weird having now watched the entire season. I’ve placed these other spoilers behind the cut as I go a bit more in-depth.

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Spoiler: Spoiler-y news on Season 2!

Below the cut are a few spoilers for season 2 that have been making the rounds from sources such as TV|Line and E! Online.

Please discuss in the comments!

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Welcome back to Charming Storybrooke!

Obviously if you made it here, you know that the blog has been moved off Blogspot and onto WordPress on one of my subdomains.

The dust is still settling a little bit while I make sure all the bells and whistles are working, but new posts will begin soon. With the airing of the season 1 finale just this Sunday gone, there is a LOT to discuss!

I haven’t forgotten the timelines, either. They need updating in a big way and I’ll be endeavouring to do that in the very near future.

If you have any issues with accessing the site, please let me know by commenting to this post. :)