Discussion: A look back at 1.03 “Snow Falls”

One of my FAVOURITE eps aired in Australia this week – “Snow Falls”! I have so much major love for this episode. :)

YAY! The introduction of Snow White! The biggest thing I loved about this episode initially (and love about the entire series) is that they made Snow pretty kick-ass. A Snow White on the run and a thief? Who thumps Prince Charming? Go, girl!

Abigail was such a spoilt brat at the beginning. LOL Funny the different take you have on a character when you have additional backstory! Obviously a lot of what we thought didn’t change until halfway through the season.

Dr Whale, you lech. Perving on Ruby while on a date with Mary Margaret. Yuck. (Or to second Emma’s later comment, “Ew.”)

Henry to Mary Margaret: “You SURE you don’t know him?” LOL Henry, you adorable child. And then to Emma: “I found your father – Prince Charming.” His proof being that John Doe and Prince Charming have a scar in the same place. I know some people find Henry annoying but I think he really is this charming little boy who is trying SO HARD to get other people to believe what he thinks is as plain as day.

Also, ridiculously perfect that MM be the one to read the story of Snow White and Prince Charming to the unconscious John Doe. That moment where he touches her hand while he’s still unconscious? Yeah, on my first viewing I remember my jaw dropping then jumping up and flailing. Not much has changed – no jaw dropping, but still plenty of flailing!

The first full exchange between Snow and Charming is BRILLIANT. Probably my favourite SCENE of the entire series. I was hooked on the series before this ep, but this exchange? Totally sealed the deal. The back-and-forth between the two of them is absolute perfection. :wub:

More ep talk under the cut – share your thoughts in the comments!

Just putting this out there – JOSH DALLAS AND HIS STUPID FACE. :heart:

Heeeenryyyy. “She’ll never notice.” Oh honey. I think Regina notices a LOT more than you think she does.

Oh Charming, you dashing swashbucklin’ hero, you! Lining up his shot with the bow and arrow, with ‘hero music’ playing and all! The producers and Josh Dallas don’t make it fair on the rest of us mere mortals, raising our hopes/expectations this way. :dreamy:

How does everyone know Snow’s name? The look at the ‘Wanted’ poster we got earlier didn’t show her name, yet both Charming AND the trolls identified her by name (“Snow White!”) from seeing the poster. :???:

Someone working in the production likes seeing Josh Dallas wet. We see him wet as both Charming AND John Doe in this ep! Or are they just keeping their female fanbase happy? :lol:

Anyone else swoon at the look on Charming’s face when Snow puts the ring on and he’s looking at her? :thud:

Okay, SOMEONE needs to clip together the Snow & Charming ‘flashbacks’ from the whole season so I can watch them all in order! (Actually, that would make doing the timelines a heckuva lot easier too… hmmm..) Alternatively, if you know of a video like this that already exists, please link me!

God, Regina is so calculating the whole way through the season. A lot of things could be explained away early on in the season but knowing now how much Regina knows… cold and calculating. For example, Regina mentions that John Doe had been calling out the name ‘Kathryn’ in his sleep. I’m less inclined to believe that now. It would have been easy enough for Regina to come up with the lie (about only having JUST found Kathryn) but far more likely that she knew where Kathryn was but didn’t see any need to involve her. Ugh.

Items to note:

During this ep, Snow confirms to Charming that she DID ruin EQ’s life… interesting that she feels that way and is prepared to just leave the realm rather than fight EQ. Yet when EQ gives her the apple in “An Apple Red as Blood” , Snow tries to reason with EQ by saying she was a young child and didn’t know any better . Between the events in this ep and what happens later in the season’, Snow undergoes a change in thinking.

Something else just occurred to me. While looking for John Doe in the woods, Sheriff Graham says “This is my world.” Was it a slip-up or was he starting to remember? Another question, why was Graham one of the first to start remembering, even at this early stage? He obviously regains his full memory in “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter” but how long before that was he remembering, even if it was only snippets?

‘Evil fairy’ dust turns people into bugs. Literally.

Quotes/scenes I loved:

Prince Charming: “You’re a… girl.”
Snow White: “Woman.” *THWACK*

Prince Charming: “You can’t hide from me! Wherever you are, I will find you!”

Mary Margaret: “I guess if true love was easy, we’d all have it.”

Snow White: “Anyway, how could I let Prince Charming die?”
Prince Charming: “I told you, I have a name. It’s James.”
Snow White: “It’s nice to meet you, James.”

Prince Charming: “If you need anything…”
Snow White: “…you’ll find me.”
Prince Charming: “Always.”

So what were your feelings on “Snow Falls”? Did it hit the mark? Miss?

Hit the comments and let me know!

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