Discussion: What are your favourite Season 1 episodes?

As it’s a long while yet until the hiatus is over :crying: , I thought I’d start posting questions for discussion. (Initially the questions will be season 1-based with some season 2 questions thrown in when we get closer to September.)

So, to start us off:

What was your favourite episode of Season 1?
(or rate your Top 5 eps of Season 1, if that’s easier)

Hit the comments to discuss your faves and why you love them! :)

(Please note, there may be spoilers in the comments if you haven’t seen all of season 1!)

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A 30-something Aussie with a big love for various TV shows - Once Upon A Time is the latest in a very long list! Diehard Snow/Charming fan. <3

3 Responses to “Discussion: What are your favourite Season 1 episodes?

  1. Sez

    First and foremost, “Snow Falls”. That was the episode that absolutely sealed the deal for me. From the first full scene between Snow and Charming (when he traps her in the net), I was totally hooked on them and the show. So much great Snow/Charming stuff in that episode, as a Snow/Charming ‘shipper it’s hard to place anything above it. :)

    I also really loved (in no particular order) “Red-Handed”, “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter” :wibble: , “An Apple Red as Blood” and “A Land Without Magic”.

    What about yours?

  2. I can’t pick just one cap, so these have been my three favourite episodes (alphabetically):
    -Heart of Darkness – I loved badass Snow, it was funny to see Snow White, who’s always been thought of as a naive princess, kicking the ass of a bunch of guys and trying to kill the Evil Queen.
    -Red Handed – This cap let me open-mouthed, I do think nobody expected that plot twist!
    -Skin Deep – Rumbelle <3

  3. Sez

    Aaaah! I can’t believe I forgot “Heart of Darkness”. :doh: There was a lot of awesome in that ep. I still don’t know if it’d make my Top 5, but it would only miss out by a smidgeon!

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