Discussion: A look back at 1.04 “The Price of Gold”

Yikes! Rumplestiltskin just killed the gold fairy! :O Makes for an interesting twist though, that Rumplestiltskin should be Cinderella’s “fairy godmother”.

I’m standing by my earlier meta post – I reckon Snow and Charming are already married at the time of Ella and Thomas’ wedding. I can definitely see a ring on Charming’s left hand when he and Snow approach the newlyweds.

Hard to tell how much longer after Ella and Thomas’ wedding the scene is where Ella tells Thomas she’s pregnant. Interesting look on Thomas’ face when Ella tells him she made a deal with Rumplestiltskin. Obviously he’s well-known around the realm!

More ep talk below the cut. Please feel free to discuss in the comments! :)

OMG Ruby’s red wolf hanging from the rear-view mirror in the car! Even more amusing now having seen 1.15 “Red-Handed” ! :D

I kinda wish Emma had slogged Sean’s dad for his comments about Ashley. He’s a bit of a douche.

Henry said that if Mr Gold called the police, Ashley would go to jail. If Ashley HAD gone to jail, would it have been outside of Storybrooke (in which case, ‘bad things happen when you leave town’) or would she have been locked away in Regina’s ‘secret’ jail under the hospital, like Sidney Glass and Belle ?

Prince Thomas says he will pay whatever price required to save Ella and their child. *foreshadowing* So he goes to get Ella some water from a well (an enchanted well?) and… where does he go? How did Rumplestiltskin take Thomas when he was already captured?

I will give Emma this – she is seriously ballsy. Standing up to Mr Gold like that, calling his bluff about the contract, going to court and mentioning the skeletons that no doubt reside in his closet! :highfive:

I like that the name Alexandra carried over from fairytale land into Storybrooke. It’s a cute link.

Ew. Graham and Regina are… together. Ish. Just… ew. :gah:

Items to note:

Emma has lived in seven different towns and spent 2 years in Tallahassee.

The dwarves built the enchanted cell where Rumplestiltskin is kept.

Emma can leave Storybrooke – just no one else.

More questions:

What was Rumplestiltskin’s motive for killing the gold fairy? Is this the same fairy he was tracking down in 1.06 “The Shepherd” when he speaks with King George ?

What’s with Mr Gold’s limp? Rumplestiltskin doesn’t appear to have a limp throughout the entire first season, so why does his Storybrooke counterpart have one?

WHY did Rumplestiltskin want Ella’s first-born in the first place? And why was he also willing to take on the supposed twin?

Quotes/scenes I loved:

Cinderella: “Glass?”
Rumplestiltskin: “Every story needs a memorable detail!”

Emma: “What’s with the sirens?”
Sheriff Graham: “It’s so hard to get your attention.”

Henry: “Wait, she’s got a stepmom, stepsisters AND she’s a maid?”
Emma: “Henry, not now.”
Me: :lol:

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