Discussion: A look back at 1.07 “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter”

Late to the party – as usual! – but here’s the recap/thoughts from last week’s ep that aired in Australia… “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter”.

Still consider this to be one of the best eps of the season. Great start to the episode. I do love the fact that even though Graham is three sheets to the wind, he can still hit what is essentially a bullseye. Also, love the “I never miss”. :D

I find it really hard to have any sort of sympathy for the Evil Queen when she is so deceitful towards Snow – even laughing about it with the Mirror behind Snow’s back. :(

So good seeing Graham in his flashback as The Huntsman. Regina’s reaction when Graham mentions the wolf is VERY telling. Great moment when Graham tells Regina it felt ‘like a memory’, not a dream.

Seriously though, seeing the wolf after just seeing it in his dream? Had to be doing his head in. :blink:

Mary Margaret had a one-night stand with Dr Whale?! :gobsmacked: Honey, no. Just… no. The discussion between Mary Margaret and Emma following that moment is brilliant, though.

One of the weirdest things ever – seeing Mr Gold ‘gardening’. In an apron. Yeeeeaaaah, why don’t I believe that?

The wolf’s eye colours are really kind of awesome. I wonder what the significance is? (Because this is OUAT and EVERYTHING has meaning!)

Oooooh! Graham sees ‘Mary Margaret’ in a flashback when he touches the wolf! NOW it’s going to start getting interesting! I love the moment when Graham says he knows Mary Margaret from another life. Their chat in the classroom is one of my favourite of the series.

Interesting how when the Evil Queen is describing what she needs the Huntsman to do, he’s getting the picture of what she sees him as… which is not really the case. He’s far more honorable than that.

What’s the symbolism of Snow offering the Huntsman an apple? ;) It’s rather hilarious watching the Huntsman fidget with his armour. Can’t half tell he’s not used to it!

Emma, you have dreadful aim – I don’t think you have a future in dart-throwing. Don’t give up your day job. :giggle:

The Huntsman, instead of killing Snow, gives her a whistle made from a reed or some sort of bamboo-type plant. Do we ever see the whistle again? I don’t remember seeing mention of it again after the Huntsman gives it to Snow.

Henry is totally logical and believable in the way he presents his beliefs about the fairytale world. Also, great moment where Henry explains to Graham WHY he started receiving the flashes after kissing Emma.

Amazes me that Emma didn’t seriously start at least thinking about believing what Graham was saying when she saw the wolf. I mean, hello! There can only be so many coincidences! (Is there a tally somewhere of all the ‘coincidences’ that have happened so far? Surely even the most skeptical of people would have been thinking twice by now! Even Scully eventually believed Mulder. :P )

Graham and Emma face off with Regina. (God, Regina, it is not ALL about Emma ruining your life!) And GO GRAHAM for shutting Regina down.

Seeing that wall of boxes (all presumably with hearts in them?) hiding underneath Regina’s father’s casket is really creepy.

LOVE LOVE LOVE that scene between Graham and Emma at the end there. :wub: (And he’s just so. damn. pretty!)

…aaaand BAM! He remembers everything. Talk about a kick ass moment. “I remember.” That look on his face as he thanks Emma… :happycry:


Items to note:

May not have any significance, but I can’t help but think maybe it does… the wolf’s eyes are different colours. One red, one black.

More questions:

What was the Evil Queen going to do with Snow’s heart? She couldn’t use it to control her because she’d be dead (I assume that’s the case if EQ isn’t the one to do the ripping-out?)… so what would she have done with it? Keep it as a trophy in a little box? How very psychopathic of her. :shocked:

Quotes/scenes I loved:

Mary Margaret: ”You have feelings for Graham.”
Emma: ”Oh COME ON.”
Mary Margaret: ”There’s that wall.”

The look on Mary Margaret’s face when Emma tries to disagree is such a ‘don’t even, young lady’. :lol:

Graham’s chat with Mary Margaret is probably one of my favourite of the series.

Graham: “Do you believe in other lives?”
Mary Margaret: “Like Heaven?”
Graham: “Like past lives.”
Mary Margaret: “You’ve been talking to Henry.”

Huntsman: “I will never understand your kind.”

Rather telling that he doesn’t consider himself one of ‘them’ (human).

Graham: “Nothing is better than what we have.”

WHOA, Graham! :shocked: I mean, OUCH, but also GO DUDE! :highfive:

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