Discussion: A look back at 1.08 “Desperate Souls”

Australian viewers get to watch 1.08 “Desperate Souls” this week. Fantastic episode that provides us some background into the Rumplestiltskin character.

First thing, LOVE seeing the Rumplestiltskin character sitting there and spinning. Harkens back to the ‘traditional’ fairytale that Rumplestiltskin was able to spin gold from straw.

So weird seeing Robert Carlyle as non-magical Rumplestiltskin. Really shows the difference the makeup makes! And non-magical Rumplestiltskin is so very different, from the magical being. He’s sort of sad and pathetic, and cares so very much for his son.

Not even 5 minutes in, and we’re already seeing The Dark One. I love how this storyline unravels.

LOL Gold, you manipulative bugger. Emma doesn’t want Graham’s stuff so you say you’ll give it to Regina? :rolleyes:

The scene where Regina tells Emma she’s fired and that Sidney Glass is being appointed sheriff… OMG, just want to bitchslap Regina in that scene.

Mary Margaret comes home to loud music and Emma mangling a toaster. Missing teenage years? :lol:

…and again with Mary Margaret making herself scarce as soon as Mr Gold wants to talk to Emma.

Town charter. I can’t remember if it’s been mentioned – is Mr Gold on the town council? I would expect a man in his position would be.

Baelfire – lots of courage. Unfortunate that Baelfire learns about his father’s “cowardice”, running from the battle in the Ogre Wars. Feel sorry for Rumplestiltskin in this scene – his pleas for the Duke not to take Baelfire, or speak to Baelfire that way. Also, the “Kiss my boot” scene is just humiliating. :( But it shows just how much Rumplestiltskin would do for his son – anything to keep him safe.

Brad Dourif! This guy pops up in such unlikely places! (He plays the beggar)

How exactly does being chief editor of the Storybrooke Mirror qualify someone for being sheriff?

Really do feel sorry for Rumplestiltskin in that scene with the beggar. By his own admission, he’s lame, friendless and all he has is his boy, which they’re going to take away. :(

I’ll give Gold this – he knows EXACTLY how to push everyone’s buttons! I love the scene between Regina and Mr Gold, talking about Emma running in the election for sheriff.

Wow, well Regina has no problem begging/ordering Emma to help her when they’re in the building that’s just been blown up. I kind of wish Emma HAD left her behind… but she’s not that kind of person. As Henry would say, she’s GOOD.

Even from the beginning, of Rumplestiltskin telling him the plan, Baelfire knows that his father having the powers of the Dark One is probably a bad idea. You can tell just from the look on his face.

Really like the tie-in from Mr Gold using his ‘sheep crap oil’ at the beginning of the ep, the flashback to fairytale land where Rumplestiltskin’s showing Baelfire the same thing, then Emma’s evidence that Mr Gold set the blaze which Emma saved Regina from.

Could the Duke have possibly ‘hidden’ the dagger in a more obvious place?

Oh, wow. Meeting between Mary Margaret and David outside the debate? Not awkward AT ALL. :rolleyes:

Love how Mary Margaret and Emma talk behind the curtain before the debate, and Emma realises why she wants to win the election.

Whoops! Rumplestiltskin just got sparklefied.

Election debate dramas! Poor Archie – tough crowd, mate. :lol: Sidney, that was… complete underwhelming. :yawn:  I do like that Emma comes clean about the fire in front of everyone. If that isn’t a demonstration of honesty and truth then I don’t know what is. Oooh, and Mr Gold storms out… as much as one can ‘storm’ with a cane…

So happy that Emma ended up winning the debate! Though I hate the smug look on Regina’s face – she may have ‘lost’ with her candidate, but she seems to take GREAT delight in the fact that Emma stood up to Mr Gold and now has him as an enemy.

Rumplestiltskin’s reveal as the new Dark One. Poor Baelfire – the look on his face. :( Also, kind of shocking just how quickly Rumplestiltskin dispatched of the Duke and his men… in front of Baelfire. Of course, Baelfire is still terrified but of his father instead of the Duke.

“Political theatre”, Mr Gold? There are far too many layers to the Mr Gold onion. And when Mr Gold mentions the favour that Emma owes him, all she’s thinking is “Crap. What the hell have I got myself into…”

Items to note:

Rumplestiltskin (in fairytale land) is lame (hence the staff to help him get around). He fought in the Ogre Wars but he was a deserter, for which his wife (allegedly) left him. His wife is now dead. He only has his son, Baelfire.

Emma gave birth to Henry in jail. That was part of her juvie record and was sealed.

Somehow, Regina and/or Sidney were able to get Emma’s juvie record UNsealed… how?

More questions:

Interesting that Mr Gold uses the cane, and we see in fairytale land that non-magical Rumplestiltskin used a cane/staff to get around because he limps. Is it fair to say that when Rumplestiltskin becomes magical, his gammy leg is fixed but when everyone is sent to Storybrooke – sans magic – his injury comes back? Do we ever see a scene in the series where Mr Gold doesn’t have his cane assisting his mobility?

VERY interesting that Henry thinks Mr Gold is worse than Regina. Why would he say that? Early on in the season, he asked Emma who she thought Mr Gold was because he didn’t have any idea. What happened between then and now that he thinks Mr Gold is so much worse than Regina, when he’s thought Regina is unbelievably evil??

Would it have been a better choice for Rumplestiltskin to control the Dark One, as suggested by the beggar, or to kill him?

How was Zoso able to appear as a simple beggar without the ‘magic makeup’, i.e. the glitter-y-looking skin? I don’t remember Rumplestiltskin ever doing that… but maybe it was by choice? I think I always figured it was somethingi they didn’t have a choice about. But as soon as Rumplestiltskin kills Zoso, Zoso loses the glitteriness.

Quotes/scenes I loved:

Emma: “Gold! You in here?”
Mr Gold: (mutters) “Well it is my shop.”

Mr Gold: “No, please. They grow up so fast. (…) You enjoy these with your boy.”

Aww, poor Henry. Graham’s loss really took its toll on him. Not personally, but from an Operation: Cobra standpoint.

Henry: “Good loses. Good always loses. Good has to play fair, evil doesn’t.” :comfort:

Hard for Henry to hear – that he was born in jail.

Emma: “Tell me you’re not scarred for life.”
Henry: “I’m not. Not about this.”

Emma: (to Mr Gold) “It smells like your sheep crap oil. It’s flammable!”

Zoso: “Magic always comes with a price… and now it’s yours to pay. (…) I know how to recognise a desperate soul.”

Mr Gold: (to Emma) “Everyone’s afraid of Regina… but they’re more afraid of me.”

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