Discussion: A look back at 1.13 “What Happened to Frederick”

Australian viewers were lucky enough this Sunday night to get TWO eps! First up was 1.13 “What Happened to Frederick”.

Here’re some posts from the live tweeting of the episode (as well as other ep talk beneath the cut):

First 5 mins and we can already see that James is in trouble with Faux!Daddy. Really dislike King George.

David: “It’s… in Boston.” Henry’s little voice is going “NO! BAD THINGS HAPPEN WHEN YOU LEAVE STORYBROOKE!”

I love the confused look on Charming’s face when he realises it’s Abigail that has snatched him.

Abigail: “Because I don’t want to marry you either.” THAT moment I love Abigail.

From the outset, Mary Margaret is the one saying they need to tell Kathryn the truth. David… you really are a coward. (Damn curse.)

I understand that David is in a tough place but… dude, grow some balls and man up. Tell your wife the truth!

Even Kathryn asks David for the truth… and then he says NOTHING! Ugh! So frustrating. Perfect opportunity and he just takes the cowards way out. *shakes him*

Cape flick for Charming – check! (That’s part of the official drinking game, right? :lol: )

Regina gives Henry a gift in an attempt to take his mind off the book. The look on Henry’s face is like “How much is this gonna cost me?” #GiftsWithStringsAttached?

‘Really didn’t mean to destroy the book’, Regina? REALLY? *skeptical face*

Regina: “Believe me, I want you two together.” Most truthful thing she’s said all episode!

I like that Kathryn calls Regina out on her BS. She’s right – a friend WOULDN’T do that.

Frederick! Well… his Storybrooke counterpart. (For those wondering, he’s the gym teacher at the school. Kathryn bumps into him when she’s heading straight for Mary Margaret – he’s carrying a net full of soccer balls, I believe.)

Poor Mary Margaret. She’s been labelled a homewrecker and the town tramp – the judgement and whispering starts. :( What she did wasn’t right, but she wasn’t alone in it.

Pretty cool effect with the way they had the Siren turn back from Snow to the blonde version.

Aw, Charming, you little true-love angel, you. All smile-y at Abigail being reunited with Frederick. :)

Regina and her ‘skeleton key’ set are seroiusly CREEPY. Who knows how many homes she’s broken into. *shudder*

Operation: Cobra is back on! :D

Red! Yay for Charming and Red to the rescue!!

Seeing Mary Margaret lying on the bed with her heart broken just… gah. ALL THE FEELS. :crying:

Rut-roh. Kathryn is approaching the Storybrooke town sign. This cannot be good…

</live tweeting posts>

I like the idea of Abigail and Charming being friends, following their own true loves and uniting against their fathers’ schemes. I’d like to think that when Snow and Charming married, there was peace between the kingdom of Snow & Charming and Abigail & Frederick. (I get the impression that Midas wouldn’t necessarily have held a grudge against James – he only ever seemed to want the absolute best for his daughter and if she loves Frederick and was engaged to him pre-golden-statue times…)

OUCH. Mary Margaret is talking on the phone to David and saying how she’s so relieved that they’ve told the truth and the lies are over… and he’s just staying silent. :frustrated: And THEN she’s confronted by Kathryn, slapped, and realises that David lied to her too… double ouch. :(

Kathryn goes to Regina to tell her she’s leaving town. This scene just cements for me how amazing Kathryn is. She can SEE from the photos that David and Mary Margaret love each other and that she doesn’t have that kind of love with David. Not only that, she leaves a letter telling David to be with Mary Margaret. THAT is one seriously amazing woman. Good on her for wanting to find her own true love!

There’s a moment of absolute LOL, though, when Regina finds out that Kathryn has written David a letter telling him to be with Mary Margaret. She’s like “You did WHAT.”

Items to note:

Here’s the inscription on the plaque from the wishing well:

For centuries, local legend has claimed that mystical waters run beneath this great land. It is said that these waters possess the power to return that which is lost to its rightful place. If you have lost something precious to you, drink from this well and bear witness to this miracle as what is missing shall be returned.

Storybrooke!Frederick is the one to find Kathryn’s (empty / abandoned?) car. At this stage, we assume he  doesn’t know whose car it is (i.e. that it belongs to the lady who bumped into him at school).

More questions:

August W. Booth is revealed as the stranger’s name! August WAYNE Booth, even. Have we figured out yet what the significance of his name is? Obviously we know now that he is actually grown-up Pinocchio from fairytale land but what is the significance of the name to his FTL identity ?

So AUGUST saved the book and is repairing it for Henry! Where exactly did August learn such techniques as those to repair the book, I wonder? Also, has it ever been confirmed that August actually wrote the book? Or was it someone else?’

Where is Kathryn? (Yes, I know this is revealed later in the season)

Quotes/scenes I loved:

Abigail: “You’re prepared to lay down your life. How charming.”

Mary Margaret: “Remeber when you told me to stay away from David?”
Emma: “Yeah…”
Mary Margaret: “Well, I didn’t.” (Oh, Mary Margaret…)

Emma: “I’m not your mother.”
Mary Margaret: “No, but according to Henry, I’m yours.”

Abigail: “We all have our own tragedies. Lost love being the worst.”

Charming: “None have my fearless bravery.”
Abigail: “Or fearless disregard for their own safety.”
Charming: “Either way.”

Charming: “Have you tried true love’s kiss?” :lol: (As if, duh, how OBVIOUS!)

August: “You owe me a drink. Hop on. I know a good watering hole.”
Granny: “If you don’t, I will.” :highfive: (We were all thinking it – she just said it)

Emma: ”A ‘watering hole’? LITERALLY?”

August: ”They say there’s something special about this well. There’s even a legend. They say that the water from the well is fed by an underground lake that has magical properties.”
Emma: ”Magic? You sound like Henry.”
August: ”Smart kid.”

Charming: “I will not fall prey to your deceptions.”
Siren: “Really. You’re immune to me.” *changes appearance to that of Snow White*
Me: “Yeah, you asked for that.”

Mary Margaret: “David, this isn’t love. What we have is something else entirely. What we have is destructive. And it has to stop.” :wibble:

Abigail: “Where will you go?”
Charming: “To find Snow White.”
Abigail: “You ARE going after her.”
Charming: “True love isn’t easy. But if must be fought for. Because once you find it, it can never be replaced.”

I had planned to post the recap for 1.14 “Dreamy” as well tonight but it’s already late and I have work in the morning. Will try to get to it tomorrow night before 1.15 “Red-Handed” airs! See you then! :wave:

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