Discussion: A look back at 1.14 “Dreamy”

I posted the recap of 1.13 “What Happened to Frederick” last night – here’s the recap for 1.14 “Dreamy” which also aired last night!

Here’re some posts from the live tweeting of the episode (as well as other ep talk beneath the cut):

Amy Acker is so adorable in this episode!

Great segue from FTL to Storybrooke – Dreamy/Grumpy hatches out of an egg, Leroy cracks open an egg in his brekky.

Love how Astrid just swats the dust/snow off Leroy, including his beard. She obviously has no concept of personal space. :lol:

YIKES. Big difference between 12 and 12 DOZEN. D: (Having done something similar in the office, I feel Astrid’s pain!)

Pretty pretty fairy dust! So, I just gotta grind down some diamonds to get fairy dust, right? (Expensive Dust!)

Dreamy: “Have a good time!” LOL He’s so oblivious.


Mary Margaret’s like “WHAT DID YOU DO?!” O_O

10 million fireflies? LOL

Rut-roh. Astrid found the candles on Leroy’s boat/jetty…

Emma, open your eyes, honey. Why isn’t your lying spidey-sense tingling with Sidney?! :frustrated:

Group hug!

Anyone wanna write that AU? Dreamy and Nova run away together?

Haha NICE work, Leroy, blowing all the lights at the market. Very smart!

Things have gotta be pretty bad if you can’t follow love in the fairytale world. :(

…and so Dreamy becomes Grumpy. :crying:

Hee! Hug between Mary Margaret and Leroy. :hug:

Lovely gesture by Granny, lighting Mary Margaret’s candle! *warm fuzzies*

Mary Margaret asking people in the diner for help with Miner’s Day is just… eek. AWKWARD. :( Poor Mary Margaret. (That becomes the catchphrase the next couple of episodes.)

I LOVE that they kept the tune of ‘Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go!’ for the dwarves!! Perfect touch. So funny seeing the dwarves get cleaned up and outfitted. I also love the fact that some (all?) of the dwarves look similar to their Disney counterparts. Dopey and his purple hat! Seriously so cute.

Leroy and Mary Margaret going door-to-door to sell candles is too precious. They start out with smiles to win everyone over and they become adorable pouts as they keep getting knocked back.Awwww, who could say no to those faces?!

Probably just as well none of the people in Storybrooke know their FTL/real identities. How awkward would that be – hauling your dad in for questioning in your faux!stepmother’s disappearance…

More questions:

Where does Belle’s appearance in this ep fall in the grand scheme of things with her and Rumplestiltskin? It’s obviously after she’s met Rumplestiltskin… I assume it’s after she’s left him, but before she crosses Regina’s path?

Items to note:

It’s close to Christmas in Storybrooke. There was a holly motif on the store window Mary Margaret and Emma walked past.

So Storybrooke!Frederick is the gym teacher at the school. But we still have no idea of his Storybrooke name.

There were EIGHT dwarves to begin with – Stealthy was #8! Dwarves get their names through their axes and Grumpy was originally Dreamy. But when he lost his ‘Dreamy’ mojo, the axe broke so the new axe named him Grumpy. Interesting…

Mr Gold is the landlord for the nuns. We need to keep a running tally on ‘who’ he owns… what else can we add? Granny’s B & B for one.

Quotes/scenes I loved:

Leroy: “Quite a team we’d make. Town harlot. Town drunk.”

Astrid: “You know, someone once told me, ‘you can do anything as long as you can dream it.’”

Margaret: “Emma, you gotta help me! What’s more sympathetic? Scarf… or no scarf?”

Leroy: “Maybe I should have Doc take a look at me.”
Bossy: “You’re gonna trust a dwarf that got his medical degree from a pickaxe?”

Belle: “Trust me, I know love. And you’re in it.”

Leroy: “You don’t like nuns? Who doesn’t like nuns?!”
Mr Gold: “I have my reasons.”

Leroy: “You’ve had all that, Mary Margaret. So stop feeling sorry for yourself and enjoy it.”

Mary Margaret: “Leroy! Please don’t do it!”
Leroy: “I’m not gonna jump. I could hurt someone. I’m solidly built.” :lol:

Mary Margaret: “What are you doing?”
Leroy: “I’m selling candles, sister.”

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