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Here are a few snippets regarding Season 2 that have been posted in the last week and a bit. No real spoilers – it’s mostly theories and hopes from the cast. Below the cut are articles from TV Fanatic, TV|LINE and Digital Spy with comments from Jennifer Morrison, Josh Dallas and Lana Parilla.

From TV Fanatic:

On Once Upon a Time, Jennifer Morrison’s Emma fell in love. With her son.

But following 22 episodes that featured a major focus of this ABC hit on Emma and Henry, the actress tells Entertainment Weekly that Season 2 will “explore the idea of allowing romantic love” to blossom in the character’s life. With whom? Well…

“[The Huntsman] was in the season finale so they’ve established in fairytale land you can still flashback to him existing there, even though he’s not alive in reality,” Morrison says. “I don’t know what this means now that we’re bringing magic…

“We don’t know what that means for Pinocchio. Is he still going to be wood or is he going to come back to life? We don’t know if that means the Huntsman can be brought back to life. We don’t know what the rules are going to be now because everything has changed.”

It most certainly has. The curse has been lifted, meaning Emma will have a new relationship to also worry about, the unusual mother/daughter arrangement with Ginnifer Goodwin’s Mary Margaret.

That actress says she’s excited to explore the parent/child dynamic, considering the characters are the same age in Storybrooke.

“[Snow and Charming] will remember everything,” Goodwin told Hollywood Life. “We remember having our daughter, we remember sending her off, we understand that… we will remember our parallel lives. So we’ll now be these sort of third characters, who are the blending of the two sides of the coin we’ve all played.”


Already TVLine has brought you Ginnifer Goodwin’s take on Season 2 and her own anticipation of the Charmings’ reunion, now that Mary Margaret and David know their true identities and connection to Storybrooke sheriff Emma. Now, we’ve got Josh Dallas’ own prediction for the family get-together. “Bliss,” he states. “That’s what I hope it feels like.” But, as Goodwin also expressed, Dallas would not be surprised if Emma has some abandonment issues to work through, even given the far-out fairytale circumstances. “For 28 years, she’s been carrying around a lot of stuff. She’s felt lost the whole time. Her identity hasn’t been clear to her,” he notes. “So this is all going to come rushing back at her. She’s going to have a lot to deal with.”

From Digital Spy:

Once Upon a Time star Lana Parrilla has revealed her hopes for season two.

The actress – who plays both Regina Mills and the Evil Queen on the fantasy drama – told Digital Spy that she wants the new episodes to introduce “evil mermaids”.

“I’d like to see some underwater characters…. be it Ariel or Ursula – maybe they can be evil mermaids,” she speculated. “They can be a part of my little entourage!”

Parrilla also discussed the fate of her two characters in the second season, which was officially ordered by ABC in May.

“I would like to see how Regina salvages her relationship with her son,” she said. “I think that’s really important to both myself and Regina the character – I have always wanted to see more scenes between her and Henry (Jared Gilmore).”

Of the Evil Queen, she added: “Maybe [we could see] some backstory with her family life, especially the relationship with her mother and what happened there.”

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