Spoilers: Comic-Con panel reveals Season 2 news

LOTS and lots of interesting bits and pieces were revealed at the Comic-Con panel on the weekend. Below is a hodge-podge of stuff that was learned (originally posted via various sources including TVLine, EW, and TV Guide – thanks to them!).

Placing all of this behind a cut because there be spoilage ahead!

General show stuff:

  • “The show this year is not going to change from the one you loved last year… we’re still going to go back and forth and meet new people along the way.” (Edward Kitsis)
  • There will still be standalone episodes but the show will also explore bigger stories/arcs
  • Episodes will still go back and forth between Storybrooke and fairytale land
  • Everyone’s ‘extra’ memories from Storybrooke will NOT be erased

Stuff we’ll learn in Season 2:

  • Who Henry’s birth father is
  • Dr Whale’s fairytale alter ego
  • What happened to Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin’s son, Baelfire (very likely this will happen)
  • Why certain parts of fairytale land (like Snow’s glass coffin) appeared in the real world

Comments from the cast/crew:

Edward Kitsis (on the characters going back to fairytale land when the curse is lifted): “Everyone says go back, but who knows if there’s anything to go back to.”

Adam Horowitz (on the characters retaining their Storybrooke memories): “What does it mean that they spent all these cursed years as these [Storybrooke people]?”

Jennifer Morrison (on Henry’s father): “People will be very excited to see that storyline play out when they find out, for sure.”

Ginnifer Goodwin (on the first eps of season 2): “I never could have conceived of the brilliance that is the first couple of scripts. I can say that as an audience member it’s exactly what I’d want to see.”

Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz (on Maleficent possibly returning): “I didn’t see her body.”

Meghan Ory (on Ruby becoming the wolf once a month now magic has returned): “Is that not the biggest question? That would be bad.”

Edward Kitsis (on Baelfire): “What happened to Bae is definitely one of the dangling threads from last season, and I would be disappointed if I had to wait another season to find out.”

Other stuff from the panel:

  • Morrison also hopes that we’ll someday meet Emma’s foster parents, but that story line is not in the first two episodes of Season 2.
  • Videos aired at the panel included a look at some of the opening titles – which included the characters Mulan, Aurora/Sleeping Beauty, and a beanstalk ala Jack and the Beanstalk – and an introduction to Captain Hook! (Implied by the ticking clock and… well, he breaks into Mr Gold’s shop, steals the hook, and attaches it to his arm!)
  • Besides Mulan and Sleeping Beauty, the producers welcomed the idea of introducing other Disney characters. In particular, they were very receptive to Ariel and Aladdin.

Don’t know about you, but I am unbelievably excited about Season 2!! Lots of good stuff coming up! :yahoo:

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