Discussion: A look back at 1.15 “Red-Handed”

Aussie viewers have been spoilt – two eps last night, one tonight and another one tomorrow night! Here’re some posts from the live tweeting of the episode (as well as other ep talk beneath the cut):

So Emma’s talking to David in the cop shop. David hopes that Kathryn is safe and warm. Emma’s more worried about David and goes so far as to suggest David get a lawyer. Not a good sign!

Great scene with Ruby talking to August about all his travels, and being obviously envious that he’s been able to see so much of the world. Granny is not happy with the’ flirting’.

Seriously, how stinking cute are Red and Peter? Red is so cute, all giddy about Peter. :heart:

Also I LOVE Red’s cape. LOVE. If I ever cosplay at a con, I’m going as Red.

Anyone else get the impression that Granny is just a bit obsessive about the hood?

Yikes. Red and Snow unwittingly stumble upon an absolute massacre. How horrifying for them to see…

The friendship between Red and Snow is so precious. Them having girltalk in Red’s room – awww!

“Well deserved”? Ouch, Emma.

Dr Whale is hitting on Ruby. Ew. Go away, you skeaze.

Mary Margaret, picking up strays. First Emma and now Ruby. LOL

What’s the usual story/fear with people who’ve been bitten by a wolf? Hmm? Those who are bitten…

I love Red’s gutsiness. You go, girl!

Haha And almost by accident Ruby has a job as the assistant at the station. :D

Oooooh, the wolf print is half pawprint, half BOOT. Snow: “What kind of monster is this?”
YIKES! The foot/pawprints lead right up to Red’s bedroom window! D:

Determined Snow. Loving it!

Ruby can… hear David out in the forest? Um… and David is asleep/unconscious. And Ruby could still hear him? O_O

God, I just want to backhand Regina when she’s like the way she was in the hospital (to Emma). I can’t wait for her to get her comeuppance in S2.

Emma has the utmost faith in Ruby – love it!

I missed what Emma originally said to Ruby. Why are they checking the T(r)oll Bridge?

Ruby opens the little casket and… yikes! :eek: Screaming, lots of screaming. (Must be bad!)

LOL! Granny’s arm is sore, same as at every full moon. Nice little hat-tip there. Awwwww! Granny and Ruby hug!

Rut-roh. Emma’s here to see David. She looked surprised to see Mary Margaret.

Eek! The box they found had a human heart in it! D: Fingerprints inside the lid of the box that matched someone in town… but the fingerprints weren’t David’s. They were Mary Margaret’s!! D:

YAY RED!! :D I get excited in any fairytale land flashbacks when I see Red. I think she’s just kick-ass and awesome.

Love the way this ep is shot with those gorgeous outdoor scenes. The starkness of the white snow, green trees, the vivid red of Red’s cape, and the darkness of Red and Snow’s hair… STUNNING!

Mary Margaret out in the woods by herself… that can’t end well… and David acts like he hasn’t even seen Mary Margaret. He’s ‘looking’. So what exactly is he looking for? And why is he acting like he’s in a daze? Technically, she didn’t say anything to set him off. He repeated “I’m looking” and she said “David?” and reached for him. Then he backed off. Hmm.

Dr Whale, you are such a skeevy bastard. WHO ARE YOU?? Seriously, is it any wonder he was setting off my spidey sense? I had theories HE was the Big Bad Wolf before this ep aired.

The moment it becomes apparent that Peter is NOT the wolf is just… so sad. Poor Peter. Poor Red. She had no idea! As the reason for Granny’s reservations about Red being involved with Peter become more clear, I just feel so sorry for them all. Then we realise it’s too late for poor Peter. :( And Red… oh Red. She had absolutely no idea that Peter wasn’t the wolf and that SHE WAS. The look on Red’s face as she realises the truth… heartbreaking. Especially as she knows SHE killed Peter. :crying:

Other stuff I loved:

The funniest part of the scene where Ruby and Granny are having it out and trading insults is when August tries to hide his laugh behind his hand/a cough. August, your eavesdropping and laughing is hilarious. :bwaha:

Ginnifer Goodwin and her expressive face – I LOVE THEM BOTH. In the scene where Red and Snow are hearing the stories about the wolf, even though Ginny’s face was half-covered, she could still convey that horror. It’s in the eyes. Brilliant job.

Peter’s not entirely sure that he’s the wolf but he’s willing to believe Red to save people’s lives. And he means business – he brought chains! (Insert Bondage Joke Here) It’s sweet that Red is willing to stay with Peter while he goes through this.

The twist on the Little Red Riding Hood / Big Bad Wolf tale. I didn’t necessarily see THAT coming but I figured from the outset that Peter wasn’t the wolf as it was just a bit too obvious. Heartbreaking, though, with Red killing Peter, albeit unknowingly at the time. :(

Items to note:

According to Granny, “red repels wolves.”

Mary Margaret’s name came about when Snow was giving a false name to Red. Tried Margaret first but then decided to go with Mary. And so the name Mary Margaret for Storybrooke was born! Great piece of show canon. We obviously knew the relevance of ‘Blanchard’ to Snow White’s name, but the ‘Mary Margaret’ part was rather curious. Now we know!

Nearly three score years ago – 60 years – Granny was a young girl and her father and six older brothers were killed by the wolf.

Nearly threescore years ago, I was a child with six older brothers. Big as oak trees, all of them veterans of the Second Ogres War. And my father, the biggest of them all. Come one Wolfstime, he decided to go out and take on the wolf. A different wolf back then, of course, but just as fearsome. They went out there to protect me. I was supposed to be asleep, but I crawled out on the roof to watch and lay down in the thatch. They had the beast surrounded, the seven of them, with spears all pointed in at it. And then it started. It was lunging – not at the men, at the spears. Grabbing with its teeth, breaking the shafts. They stabbed it with the splintered end, but it didn’t matter. It tore their throats so fast, that not a one of them got a chance to scream. Or pray. Or say goodbye. When my father died, I tumbled from the roof and I landed in the blood in front of the wolf. I felt its breath on my face. Then it clamped its hot jaw on my arm and I rolled away. *she pulls back her sleeve to reveal large lined scars – like teeth or claw marks – on her arm* Then it looked at me with eyes so black they weren’t even there. Then, it walked away. You ever see a wild animal just turn its back and walk away like you don’t matter? If this wolf is like that one, there is no defeating it. It’s already won just by existing in our world. You don’t kill it – you just hide.

Timeline Note #1: About 60 years previous, all of Granny’s older brothers were veterans of the Second Ogres War.

Timeline Note #2: Snow hasn’t met Charming yet. :)

The Big Bad Wolf is a werewolf/shape-shifter.

Red’s mother was also a wolf before a hunting party killed her. And Granny also has the wolf ‘gene’.

Granny can track Red by smell – “even though the rest of it has faded.”

More questions:

David’s last memory before he was found in the forest is when he was in Emma’s office the night before. So what happened? Dr Whale said he was having a relapse (of sorts), blacking out like he did when he came out of his coma… but is that ACTUALLY the case? Considering Whale still appears to work for Regina, I don’t really trust him.

Quotes/scenes I loved:

Red: “You’d do that for me?”
Peter: “I’d do anything for you.”

Red: “And you dress like Norman Bates when he’s dressed like Norman Bates’ mother.”

Oh SNAP! :lol:

Red: “You stole our eggs?”
Snow: “No.” *presents eggs* “Not a lot.”

Red: “Everyone calls me Red.”
Snow: “I’m Sn… Frosty.”
Red: “Frosty? Really?”

Snow: “So your Granny’s kind of intense…”

Red: “When there’s something I want, I’m good at tracking it down.”

Henry: “How about taking things on foot to people… in a little basket.”

Henry: “You can let Ruby do more. She’s Little Red Riding Hood.”
Emma: “With the little basket? Yeah, she’s badass.”

Emma: “I need your help.”
Ruby: “I’m pretty sure I’ll just screw it up. I mean I’ll screw it up with flair but.”

Granny: “A silver-tipped arrow WILL drop her.”
Snow: *whimpers*

Ruby: “Emma was my lemur.” :lol:


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