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Spoilers: Comic-Con panel reveals Season 2 news

LOTS and lots of interesting bits and pieces were revealed at the Comic-Con panel on the weekend. Below is a hodge-podge of stuff that was learned (originally posted via various sources including TVLine, EW, and TV Guide – thanks to them!).

Placing all of this behind a cut because there be spoilage ahead!

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Spoilers: Season 2 premiere episode title revealed

One of the show’s creators, Adam Horowitz, was able to reveal a lovely little teaser – the episode title of the season 2 premiere! He posted a photo of the title page of the script for episode 2.01.

Actual screengrabs of his tweet (and the title page of the script) are available below the cut.

Now’s the big question – what do you think the title refers to?

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Spoilers: Season 2 video goodies!

Comic-Con blessed us with some goodies of the spoilery video variety!

Click below the cut for a look at some season 2 opening credits (with hints as to what stories we can expect) AND a sneak peek at Storybrooke’s newest character addition!

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Spoilers: Casting call out for episode 2.03!

Playing catch-up with a lot of the Season 2 goodies that have been released/discovered in the last week! Prepare for a few posts! :)

First up, there was a casting call put out for episode 2.03. Thanks to F*ck Yes, Once Upon a Time for this tidbit!

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Spoilers: Season 2 casting news!

TV|LINE: Exclusive: Wake Up! Once Upon a Time Has Cast Sarah Bolger as Sleeping Beauty
EW: ‘Once Upon a Time’ scoop: ‘Hangover 2′ actress cast as legendary warrior — EXCLUSIVE

We finally have more news about a couple of recurring characters being introduced in the first episode of Season 2!!

Seriously exciting! Thanks to TV|LINE and EW for breaking the news! :D

Further info/articles (including spoilers about the characters in question) are available below the cut.

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Spoilers: Ginnifer Goodwin reveals Season 2 secrets

Wetpaint Entertainment: Once Upon a Time’s Ginnifer Goodwin Reveals Season 2 Secrets – Exclusive!

Wetpaint has posted an exclusive interview with Ginnifer, from the Young Hollywood Awards, and some thoughts on Season 2 are shared!

Check below the jump for more!

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Spoilers: Spoilers for first episode of Season 2!

SpoilerTV: Once Upon a Time – Episode 2.01 – 2 New Recurring Roles

Spoiler TV has been gifted with some spoilers courtesy of The Spoiler Fairy! Check it out below the cut!

So, thoughts? ;) Hit the comments!

Edited to add: Further spoilers behind the cut! Very exciting! :D

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Spoiler: Season 2 tidbits from Jane Espenson

TV|LINE: Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on True Blood, Bones, Vamp Diaries, Glee, Once Upon a Time & More!

Consulting producer Jane Espenson spoke to TVLine at the ATX Television Festival about season 2. Michael Ausiello revealed some of what was discussed in the June 5 issue of Ask Ausiello. There’s one definite spoiler (though it’s not a BIG spoiler) with a few teases added as well.

Read below the cut!

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Spoiler: Spoiler-y news on Season 2!

Below the cut are a few spoilers for season 2 that have been making the rounds from sources such as TV|Line and E! Online.

Please discuss in the comments!

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Spoiler: First eight minutes of 1.08 “Desperate Souls”!

I previously posted the sneak peek clips for 1.08 “Desperate Souls” but here we actually have the first eight minutes of this week’s upcoming ep. Click below the cut to watch the vid on YouTube.