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Discussion: A look back at 1.03 “Snow Falls”

One of my FAVOURITE eps aired in Australia this week – “Snow Falls”! I have so much major love for this episode. :)

YAY! The introduction of Snow White! The biggest thing I loved about this episode initially (and love about the entire series) is that they made Snow pretty kick-ass. A Snow White on the run and a thief? Who thumps Prince Charming? Go, girl!

Abigail was such a spoilt brat at the beginning. LOL Funny the different take you have on a character when you have additional backstory! Obviously a lot of what we thought didn’t change until halfway through the season.

Dr Whale, you lech. Perving on Ruby while on a date with Mary Margaret. Yuck. (Or to second Emma’s later comment, “Ew.”)

Henry to Mary Margaret: “You SURE you don’t know him?” LOL Henry, you adorable child. And then to Emma: “I found your father – Prince Charming.” His proof being that John Doe and Prince Charming have a scar in the same place. I know some people find Henry annoying but I think he really is this charming little boy who is trying SO HARD to get other people to believe what he thinks is as plain as day.

Also, ridiculously perfect that MM be the one to read the story of Snow White and Prince Charming to the unconscious John Doe. That moment where he touches her hand while he’s still unconscious? Yeah, on my first viewing I remember my jaw dropping then jumping up and flailing. Not much has changed – no jaw dropping, but still plenty of flailing!

The first full exchange between Snow and Charming is BRILLIANT. Probably my favourite SCENE of the entire series. I was hooked on the series before this ep, but this exchange? Totally sealed the deal. The back-and-forth between the two of them is absolute perfection. :wub:

More ep talk under the cut – share your thoughts in the comments!

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Episode: 1.03 “Snow Falls”

Episode: 1.03 “Snow Falls”


  • Snow White and Prince Charming’s first interaction. GOLD!! She’s a thief and then she clocks him with a rock when he captures her, allowing her time to escape. Absolutely better than anything I could have expected! :D
  • The conversation between Charming and Snow while she’s hanging in the net/trap. I LOVE THEM!! In fact, here, have a YouTube clip of that scene. I love her snarky “Good luck with that. You must be getting something impressive to have agreed to that union.” :lol:
  • Josh Dallas being ridiculously gorgeous. ALWAYS a like.
  • LOVE the music in this episode. Particularly that rousing theme used when Charming is saving Snow’s life from the Queen’s guards.


  • Princess Abigail. Obviously meant to be the rival for Charming’s affections but she’s just so… UGH. Spoiled and generally leaves a bad taste (so to speak). I’m hoping we don’t see much of her in the series.

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