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Discussion: A look back at 1.04 “The Price of Gold”

Yikes! Rumplestiltskin just killed the gold fairy! :O Makes for an interesting twist though, that Rumplestiltskin should be Cinderella’s “fairy godmother”.

I’m standing by my earlier meta post – I reckon Snow and Charming are already married at the time of Ella and Thomas’ wedding. I can definitely see a ring on Charming’s left hand when he and Snow approach the newlyweds.

Hard to tell how much longer after Ella and Thomas’ wedding the scene is where Ella tells Thomas she’s pregnant. Interesting look on Thomas’ face when Ella tells him she made a deal with Rumplestiltskin. Obviously he’s well-known around the realm!

More ep talk below the cut. Please feel free to discuss in the comments! :)

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Meta: Timelines (Cinderella)

Just rewatched OUAT ep 1.04 “The Price of Gold” and was finally able to pin down a timeline for Cinderella!

Previously, I’d thought that Cinderella got married before Snow White but that Snow White & Charming were at least engaged.

Check out the image below:

It’s small and it’s quick but there’s a wedding band on Charming’s left hand. (It’s easier if you actually watch the ep. I slow-mo’ed through that section and it’s pretty clear.)

BINGO! Snow & Charming were married before Cinderella & Thomas but considering Snow White in that dress at Cinderella’s wedding, I think Cinderella fell pregnant first.

I’ve updated the fairytale timeline to reflect that plus some other info.