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Discussion: A look back at 1.08 “Desperate Souls”

Australian viewers get to watch 1.08 “Desperate Souls” this week. Fantastic episode that provides us some background into the Rumplestiltskin character.

First thing, LOVE seeing the Rumplestiltskin character sitting there and spinning. Harkens back to the ‘traditional’ fairytale that Rumplestiltskin was able to spin gold from straw.

So weird seeing Robert Carlyle as non-magical Rumplestiltskin. Really shows the difference the makeup makes! And non-magical Rumplestiltskin is so very different, from the magical being. He’s sort of sad and pathetic, and cares so very much for his son.

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Spoiler: First eight minutes of 1.08 “Desperate Souls”!

I previously posted the sneak peek clips for 1.08 “Desperate Souls” but here we actually have the first eight minutes of this week’s upcoming ep. Click below the cut to watch the vid on YouTube.

Spoiler: Sneak peek at 1.08 “Desperate Souls”!

Vimeo: Desperate Souls – Sneak Peeks

This was released a couple of days ago but as I was internet-less (aka in hell) I wasn’t able to post before now.

You’ve probably already seen these but still some REALLY good stuff here!

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Spoiler: Short synopses for upcoming episodes

ZAP2it: Episode listing for Once Upon A Time

The website Zap2it has updated basic synopses for the next three upcoming episodes.

  • 1.08 – Desperate Souls
  • 1.09 – True North
  • 1.10 – 7:15 A.M.

Check below the cut for more details.

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