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Discussion: A look back at 1.13 “What Happened to Frederick”

Australian viewers were lucky enough this Sunday night to get TWO eps! First up was 1.13 “What Happened to Frederick”.

Here’re some posts from the live tweeting of the episode (as well as other ep talk beneath the cut):

First 5 mins and we can already see that James is in trouble with Faux!Daddy. Really dislike King George.

David: “It’s… in Boston.” Henry’s little voice is going “NO! BAD THINGS HAPPEN WHEN YOU LEAVE STORYBROOKE!”

I love the confused look on Charming’s face when he realises it’s Abigail that has snatched him.

Abigail: “Because I don’t want to marry you either.” THAT moment I love Abigail.

From the outset, Mary Margaret is the one saying they need to tell Kathryn the truth. David… you really are a coward. (Damn curse.)

I understand that David is in a tough place but… dude, grow some balls and man up. Tell your wife the truth!

Even Kathryn asks David for the truth… and then he says NOTHING! Ugh! So frustrating. Perfect opportunity and he just takes the cowards way out. *shakes him*

Cape flick for Charming – check! (That’s part of the official drinking game, right? :lol: )

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Spoilers: Ginnifer Goodwin reveals Season 2 secrets

Wetpaint Entertainment: Once Upon a Time’s Ginnifer Goodwin Reveals Season 2 Secrets – Exclusive!

Wetpaint has posted an exclusive interview with Ginnifer, from the Young Hollywood Awards, and some thoughts on Season 2 are shared!

Check below the jump for more!

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Spoiler: Spoiler-y news on Season 2!

Below the cut are a few spoilers for season 2 that have been making the rounds from sources such as TV|Line and E! Online.

Please discuss in the comments!

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Meta: Character names – David Nolan / Prince James

I’d posted most of the following on tumblr about 5 weeks ago but rewatching 1.03 “Snow Falls” tonight made me think about a few things, especially having seen 1.06 “The Shepherd”.

It’s become apparent that most/all of the characters’ names in Storybrooke refers to something about their alter-ego in the fairytale world.

In 1.03 “Snow Falls” it was revealed that John Doe’s real name was actually David Nolan. How does this fit in with Prince Charming (James)?

According to Wiki Name (and other sites) Nolan is an old Irish / Gaelic name meaning “champion”, “noble”, or “proud”, among others.

I think those are fairly appropriate descriptions for a charming prince. :)

I’ll place this next bit behind a cut just in case – there’s a spoiler for 1.06 “The Shepherd”, for those who haven’t seen it yet. (If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?!)

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